Hey, it’s Dan Egan, and Nashoba is the place to be this weekend!

We’ll get to SunDance. But first, YouTube filmmaker Casey Neistat flew high above Finland powered by a massive drone while he was dressed like Santa. There is no commercially-available drone capable of flying a person, so Neistat and his team both designed and built the drone from the ground up. With its eight rotors, the octocopter has the power not only to pull Neistat on a snowboard up a hill but also to lift him hundreds of feet into the air. Check it out.


SunDance City is back! We are switching up the format this season as we move away from the competition vibe and more towards getting some awesome photos and video out of the event. The park staff has constructed a creative city-like plaza with a night-time glow and ambiance. DJ Kidd Drunkadelic will be spinning on the 1’s and 2’s and the homies will be throwing down.

Prizes will still be given for gnarly tricks, smooth style, creative uses of the course, and anything else the park staff deems as prize worthy. Mostly, we just want you to have fun and get some awesome shots. Park Media Extraordinaire Alex Cole will be shooting the photos as park staff films.


Finally, a reminder that Snowshoe and Brew is up and running at Jay Peak! Click here for all the details. And don’t forget to stream Edging the Xtreme on Friday and Sunday nights at 6, presented by Killington, Elan, The North Face, Big Sky Resort, and Nashoba Valley.

Sundance Nashoba