Sal Paolantonio, ESPN NFL reporter and good pal of Andy Reid, was on ESPN’s The Herd this morning to discuss Tom Brady’s Deflategate press conference.

And my, did he deliver one piping hot take.

According to Paolantonio, Brady’s decision to hold a press conference –in which he denied culpability in Deflategate– was based exclusively on his personal brand.

And selling Uggs to women.

“Women don’t like cheaters. What’s the number one demographic that Tom Brady tries to sell Ugg boots to? Women. Guys are not going into the mall [and being like] ‘Let me get a pair of Uggs.’ No, guys don’t go into the mall for a pair of Uggs. Women do. This was clearly motivated because Tom Brady knows that his brand is damaged by this — not only on the football field, but what he sells off the football field.”

In a world full of hot Deflategate takes, we might have found the one true sizzler to rule them all.

[h/t Deadspin]