News broke today that MTV will be collaborating with Major League Baseball for a 30-episode weekly series that combines pop-culture and baseball. What’s almost as unsurprising as the fact that MTV is launching another series that has little to do with music is that beloved World Series MVP David Ortiz has been selected as an executive producer along with the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen. This makes sense mostly because Papi, along with being a killer ballplayer, boasts an undeniably attractive charisma. Boston’s had its share of colorful athletes. Which notable MTV personalities do they compare to most closely?


1. Sway – David Ortiz
Sway Calloway has been with MTV for over a decade, making him one of the channel’s signature personalities and longest standing representatives. Sway has always exuded a level of coolness that shines through in different ways, whether it’s hanging with President Obama, dropping a rap album, or rocking one of his sweet hats. Ortiz, on the other hand, is probably the coolest athlete to ever play in Boston, he’s stuck around for a decade now, and like Sway, looks extremely huggable.

2. Jesse Camp – Manny Ramirez
Physically, Manny may be more comparable to Sway, and Jesse Camp might be more comparable to, I don’t know, Miami Heat forward Chris “Birdman” Andersen(?). Like Camp, Manny sort of just disappeared and sadly, nobody really seemed to care. Manny was also, more than once, wrapped up in drug accusations. While no sources have confirmed any drug use, you have to assume that Jesse Camp was on something at some point, too.

3. Matt Pinfield – Jonny Gomes
Matt Pinfield has always been MTV’s walking music encyclopedia. He also looks like a Guitar Center employee by day, bouncer at the House of Blues by night. Johnny Gomes, with his bald head, shaggy beard, and tattoos, could fit the same role.

4. La La – Nomar Garciaparra
Can’t say much about La La’s fielding skills, but she, like Nomar, is married to an athlete that is more famous than her. La La is with Carmelo Anthony, Nomar with the legendary Mia Hamm. We’ll always love you, Nomar.

5. Dave Holmes – Dustin Pedroia
When Dave Holmes lost to Jesse Camp in the first ever MTV “Wanna Be a VJ” contest, it was because people took one look at him and were like, “He’s smart and all, but he doesn’t really look the part.” Holmes proved those kids wrong by going on to host “Say What Karaoke” and working his way up to be one of the big-time players at MTV. Pedroia, like Holmes, doesn’t exactly look the part of a professional athlete, but that didn’t seem to stop him, right?

6. Damien Fahey – Doug Flutie
Damien was a bit of a hometown hero, having grown up in Chicopee, and attended Northeastern University. Doug Flutie, who has always been good with the media anyways, threw a really good pass in college and went on to be a local legend for the rest of time.

7. Kurt Loder – Zdeno Chara
Having been with MTV for over 25 years, Kurt Loder has always been the type of leader to speak softly a carry a big stick. Chara, like Loder, has proven himself as a leader, is an intelligent enforcer, remains cool and collected in tense situations, and doesn’t beg for celebrity attention the way other athletes do.

8. Gideon Yago – Stephen Gostkowski
Gideon Yago would totally be the kicker if he ever played football.

9. Quddus – Kris Humphries
Quddus was noted first for his good looks. The music knowledge and all that other stuff was just kind of secondary. Kris Humphries is known for his Hollywood looks, as well, and that whole basketball thing — that seems pretty secondary, too. The Associated Press once referred to Quddus as “the coolest guy on television.” Unfortunately, nobody has ever referred to Humphries as “the coolest guy on the court.”

10. Carson Daly – Tom Brady
Say what you want, Tom Brady is Boston sports’ version of Carson Daly. Some might call it boring but consistent, others may say talented but kind of lame, but really what the two of them are is tried and true. They both got to where they are now — Tom a surefire Hall of Famer, Carson a media Swiss Army knife — by doing plenty of things right.