The last time we checked in with Thrillist Boston, they’d created a super cool map showing the best bars for every stop on the MBTA. Now they’ve created the spiritual sequel, an MBTA map featuring the best restaurants near each station.

MBTA restaurant map

Putting this map together must have involved a lot of lively debate, because some T stops have too many great eateries to count. How does one even begin to pick from the 20 or so restaurants packed into Davis Square, for example? On the other hand, only one stop over from Davis, the best restaurant Thrillist could find near Alewife is apparently Bertucci’s. We loved getting a hunk of dough to play with at the table when we were six years old too, but any restaurant with more than six locations — much less 88 locations scattered across the East Coast — should be immediately disqualified.

Head over to Thrillist for a full list of the selected restaurants, as well as full-size images of each line.