Last week, Kim Costa was a mother from Medford, working in the service industry and living the struggle of being a real person among herds of incoming students. It’s when she decided to do something about the last part that Costa became something of a local celebrity overnight.

By now, many within the Boston area have seen Costa’s spirited rant on the poor etiquette of students in here in our city.┬áIn her charming local dialect, Costa spoke directly to the students themselves, saying “no need fo’ya,” and criticizing their dress and behavior. Some felt it was too harsh, while others have rallied behind her and supported her sentiments.

While that particular video (which has since been removed, but the audio can be found here) turned Costa into a viral sensation, truth is, she has been a mainstay in the local Vine game for quite sometime, putting her Boston-centric thoughts on camera and making it clear that manners aren’t a priority. We took a deep look into Costa’s Vine profile to pick out some of our favorites.

Subject: Hardcore bands

Most Boston Thing About It: It appears her nephew’s nickname may be Tuna, a nickname previously given to Bill Parcells. Also, the sheer action of giving a shout out to your nephew on Vine is a pretty Medford thing to do, in a good way of course.

Subject: The service industry

Most Boston Thing About It: “This isn’t ya fuckin’ livin’ room, ya can’t watch Jeppidy.”

Subject: Lorde

Most Boston Thing About It: Starbucks is mentioned in contempt.

Subject: Christmas Parties

Most Boston Thing About It: This one is pretty loaded, especially given the lack of dialogue. Large families, interruptive children, having a smoke to escape said family and children. The list goes on.

Subject: Other cultures/fast food restaurants

Most Boston Thing About It: The impeccable Spanish accent.

Subject: Hair

Most Boston Thing About It: Literally everything about it.

Subject: Thanksgiving?

Most Boston Thing About It: The launch of a new catch phrase, also the pronunciation of “Horse Toaster.”

Subject: MILFs

Most Boston Thing About It: The classic plural form of “you.”

Subject: Reflection

Most Boston Thing About It: It is offensive to multiple groups of people. But only if you’ve got a stick up your ass, of course.