Since it is 2014 and television shows have developed a Marvel Comics complex wherein no one ever actually dies, it seems as though faltered NBC comedy “Community” may be getting a revival.

As Deadline Hollywood reported, the folks over at Hulu are in talks with Sony Pictures TV for a web-only sixth serason. The report, which directly conflicts something the same site reported two weeks ago, also notes that creator Dan Harmon has warmed to the idea of commuting the recently cancelled franchise to a new network. Of course,the prospect of a full-length film has yet to be addressed, but this glimmer of hope could potentially be a gateway a full-on rebirth of the ill-fated series.

All this is great news for the #sixseasonsandamovie turkeys who have been polluting Twitter with their pleas for a second zombification of the show, but its terrible news for anyone who watched season five.

While the diehard cult appeal of  “Community” cannot be denied, the show was little more than a shell of its former self in its most recent incarnation. With mainstays Chevy Chase and Donald Glover abandoning ship, the series soured into a compensatory and jumbled mess of fan-focused apologies. Its long-running tropes and theme episodes were worn to ribbons, and the boilerplate joke machine proved to be unsustainable for the hashtag-approved run. “Community” is dead, and it used to be that you don’t play politics with a dead kid’s life. But, with Hulu pushing Netflix in the arms race for original content, it wouldn’t be surprising for the increasingly monetized streaming service to nab this series from the toilet much in the way Netflix did with “Arrested Development.”

Let’s just hope they’re not making a huge mistake.