I was having a conversation with a friend the other day during which she admitted, “money stresses me out.” This wasn’t the first time I sensed a friend’s aversion to understanding and dealing with money. And with the current financial climate where an overwhelming amount of intelligent, college-educated, ambitious young adults and millenials find themselves drowning in student debt, unable to muster any semblance of a savings, let alone make intelligent investments with their money, I realized that I too have a similar fear regarding personal finances.

But what resources do young professionals have to help them gain a financial footing?

Enter Society of Grownups. A fresh, new startup in Brookline and online – where today’s young professionals can talk salaries, savings, and learn to use their finances to fuel their goals. Classes, financial advice, and social events fuel a trusted community of financial planners who put those of us freaked by finances, at ease by translating our goals into easy-to-understand action plans.

Tonight Society of Grownups opens its doors for the first time with a launch party and guest appearance from Boston native and stand-up comedian, Mike Birbiglia, who believe it or not, even after touring two widely acclaimed one man shows, writing, directing and producing one film (“Sleep Walk With Me”), and another in the works, says, “I still find myself completely lost when it comes to all these grownup decisions and I feel like my friends are the same way.”

Birbiglia’s road to success didn’t come without the confusing tribulations of trying to segue into adulthood.

“I talk about these kinds of things on stage all the time — so many of my stories are coming-of-age stories,” says Birbiglia. “They’re stories about jumping out of a 30-foot-tree into a pond and realizing it probably wasn’t a great idea or messing up my first kiss or getting arrested for having a suspended license and all these things where I’m learning in the process of living the mistakes. And I think that’s part of the idea they have with Society of Grownups. It’s a safe place to talk to people about money and serious life issues and ask stupid questions – which I have many of.”

Everything done at Society of Grownups is designed to help people find out who they are, sort out what they really want, and how they can reach their goals —personal, professional, or financial. Through their breadth of classes – “No Cereal For Dinner” and “Getting Better With Age” – guest speakers, special events, and supper clubs, Society of Grownups has fashioned itself to be a grounded financial confidant and hip host that will not only serve you good food and fine wine, but will help you along the path to advancing your career, building a home, being a good parent, or simply finding balance.

“I was initially intrigued by Society of Grownups because first, I love that it is in Boston. Maybe because it’s my hometown, but it’s also a bunch of smart people with a positive idea,” says Birbiglia. “I thought the opportunity to celebrate their launch and share a few funny “grownup” stories was a great fit. I think the point of all of this is that no one should be asking me for financial advice. I think I’m just there to make jokes and they’ll use me as an example of what not to do.”

Mike Birbiglia will perform at the Society of Grownups “Don’t Panic” Launch Party tonight to celebrate the new startup’s launch. To learn more, visit There will be open conversation, advice… and no judgment.