Ethan Scott is color-blind. And though he doesn’t see life  in just black and white, he’s never been able to experience shades of color the way most people do every day. That is, until his friend gave him a specialized pair of glasses.

“I see things in a way that are more dull than usual,” Ethan shared in a YouTube video. “I can see some pink and some green. It’s just sometimes green looks brown or yellow, and pink looks silver or blue.”

But it wouldn’t be long before these dulled shades would burst into living color for Ethan. A company called EnChroma is trying to bring color to color-blind people with specialized glasses that significantly boost color vision. A few weeks ago, a close friend of Ethan approached him with a pair for his birthday.

Ethan didn’t know it, but he was about to see the world as he never had before.

He was confused at first, not knowing what purpose the glasses were supposed to serve.

…But as Ethan moved the lenses back and forth over his eyes, he realized that he was seeing shades and tints of colors that he’d never witnessed before.


In fact, this new view of the world was initially more than Ethan could bear.


“I was shaking and couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing—and then it was time to go outside.”


So, be inspired by Ethan, and take a moment to appreciate all the colors that the world has to offer—but understand that your reaction probably won’t be as hilarious as his was.

(Just a heads up before you watch that the video has some NSFW language.)