Finally, a weekend without football (we refuse to recognize the Pro Bowl as football). You’re not going to stay home reading #Deflategate/#Ballghazi hot takes all weekend, are you? No. No way. Nah. Nope. Nope.gif. Get out there and see some local bands in a historic venue, taste some chocolate, or even better, taste some whiskey.

1. Friday, January 23 – Chuck D
Berklee College of Music’s 2015 Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration keynote presentation will feature a panel discussion with Chuck D, best known for his work with seminal hip-hop group Public Enemy. Look, I know I didn’t need to tell you that Chuck D was in Public Enemy, but maybe there’s someone out there who only knows his duet with Meat Loaf and was unaware of his previous career in rap music. The celebration will also feature musical performances by Nedelka Prescod, Omar Thomas, and others, and a meet-and-greet after the event. (7 p.m., FREE, all ages)

2. Friday, January 23 – Mudflat Studios: Date Night Clay
The legacy of the movie “Ghost” is that it turned two things that are usually scary into things that are sexy: ghosts and homemade pottery. East Somerville’s Mudflat Studios invites you and your sweetheart to tomorrow night’s Date Night Clay class to try your hand at the potter’s wheel, and obviously take turns on who gets to be the ghost. Each student will save one pot to be glazed and fired and brought home so you can knock it off the table and break it and try to convince yourself it’s not a metaphor for your broken relationship. (6 p.m., $60, 18+)

3. Friday and Saturday, January 23-24 – Winter Rock ‘N’ Roll Weekend
If you want to see a rock show in Boston, chances are you’re taking a ride on the Green Line to Allston or the Red Line to Cambridge. But downtown? Downtown is for fancy theatre shows for fancy people who wear leather shoes and wool topcoats and, like, a monocle, probably. Not anymore! ArtsEmerson’s Winter Rock ‘N’ Roll Weekend showcases local bands in the Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theatre at the historic Paramount Center. Tigerman WOAH! and Faces on Film kick off the festival Friday night, with Quilt and Julia Easterlin following on Saturday. (9 p.m., $12, all ages)

4. Friday to Sunday, January 23-25 – Harvard Square Taste of Chocolate Festival
Harvard Square’s annual Taste of Chocolate Festival is back with three days of chocolate specials at area restaurants and a massive free tasting Saturday afternoon. The website describes the festival as “Warm, Dark, Sweet, and Luscious.” Yeah, that’s how I like my chocolate. I mean, women. That’s how I like my women. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac after all, but you know what’s not an aphrodisiac? Waiting in a really long line and getting hangry and hating everyone in front of you even though they just want the same thing you do, some delicious free chocolate. Just get there early. (Various times, FREE, all ages)

5. Saturday, January 24 – Fire Puncher Day
On the night of January 24, 1887, flames erupted from the iron foundry in South Boston. Before firemen could reach the fire, local resident Tommy MaGuire climbed a ladder to the roof and, as legend has it, “undertook to fight the flames with his fists.” JUST LIKE TOMMY BRADY IS GOING TO DO TO THE FAHKIN’ SEAHAWKS. MaGuire also helped preserve the foundry that now houses GrandTen Distilling (I mean, firefighters with water helped, too, probably) and inspired their smoky and spicy Fire Puncher Vodka. Stop by GrandTen’s annual Fire Puncher Day event at Redbones in Davis Square to try some signature cocktails and free appetizers. (4 p.m., FREE, 21+)

6. Saturday, January 24 – Pierogi Night
The Chinese have dumplings. The Italians, ravioli. But the Eastern European version of dough stuffed with other foodstuffs might be the most delicious of all — pierogi. I guess America’s version is…Hot Pockets? Get it together, America. Come “stuff” yourself at Cuisine en Locale’s Pierogi Night, promising more homemade pierogi than you can shake a stick at, which would be a weird thing to do unless you’re threading a bunch of pierogi onto the stick so you can munch away while you get your dance on. Music will be provided by the gypsy punks of the Somerville Symphony Orkestar and the Soggy Po’ Boys. (6 p.m., $10, all ages)

7. Sunday, January 25 – Street Photography in the Digital Age
Photography was weird before the Internet. You didn’t get to see the photos right away, you had to get them developed at Osco where some skeevy guy could see all your photos — even your tasteful but revealing “boudoir” shots — then if you wanted to hashtag the photo, you’d have to just write it on the back and people would probably think you were starting a game of tic-tac-toe and they’d probably beat you because you start in the middle every time. That’s all changed now. The Cambridge Community TV hosts a reception for its Geotagging Cambridge: Street Photography in the Digital Age exhibition of work created within the city of Cambridge using Instagram. After the reception, CCTV will offer a free Instagram class to help new users to get started. (5:30 p.m., FREE, all ages)

Photo credit: Susanne Nilsson/Creative Commons


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