It was never going to be easy. 16 classic Christmas movies in one bracket, facing off against each other for the honorific of being the ultimate Christmas movie. But five days and thousands of votes later, we have a winner.

With 57 percent of the vote, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” beat “A Christmas Story” in the finals of our Ultimate Christmas Movie Bracket to take home the coveted title. Despite entering the tournament as a two seed and facing the most difficult path to the finals — it beat “Elf” in round one, “Home Alone” in round two, and “It’s A Wonderful Life” in round three — Clark Griswold has emerged triumphant.

Perhaps the last great comedy, maybe even last great film of the ’80s, “Christmas Vacation” arrived at a special holiday season between two eras of comedy. Former SNL funnyman Chevy Chase once again reprised his role as Clark Griswold, a character that, as far as laughs go, was both youngster-tested and Dad-approved. With the ’90s soon bringing its own brand of comedy, and several SNL-related franchises to boast, “Christmas Vacation” was the cringe-worthy laugher that viewers from multiple generations could both sympathize with and get a kick out of. The National Lampoon’s classic has stood the test of time, and quoting it profusely has become just as appropriate as decorating a tree every holiday season. It’s no surprise then, that “Christmas Vacation” has been voted by you as the greatest holiday movie of all time.

To everyone who voted and followed this tourney with us from beginning to end, thank you. We hope this was as fun for you guys as it was for us. As for “A Christmas Story,” better luck next year, sucker.

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