In case you missed it, actors Chris Pratt and Chris Evans, who play superheroes Captain America and Star-Lord in Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Guardians of the Galaxy, respectively, made a Super Bowl bet.

Pratt, a Seahawks fan, wagered that if the Seattle won, Boston native Evans would visit Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as Captain America, waving a Seahawks flag. On the other hand, Pratt would visit Christopher’s Haven dressed as Star-Lord while wearing a Tom Brady jersey.

The day to pay up arrived, and Pratt showed up at Children’s Haven this afternoon with Evans in tow dressed as Star-Lord, as he detailed in a post on his Facebook page.

The duo raised a total of $27,000.

star-lord 1
$12,000 for Christopher’s Haven, and $15,000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

And where’s your suit, Captain America?

star lord 6


“B-but you said you’d wear the Brady jersey…”

star lord 3

So no Brady jersey, but a custom Pats jersey will work.

chris pratt jersey

“Who’s this guy? Clearly I’m Captain America.”

chris evans baby 1

“Glad we got that straightened out, Star-Lord.”

chris evans baby 2

The superheroes got some commemorative bears…

chris evans captain america bear

…And donated a Brady jersey autographed by both of them.

chris evans tom brady 2


chris pratt group pic