Chris Pratt – former bumbling fat guy from “Parks & Rec” and current wiseacre hunk from “Guardians of the Galaxy” – is swiftly proving that he can do no wrong.

Bullett Media has a pretty great synopsis of how Pratt has transformed from punchline to heartthrob, and his charming tour of the blogosphere continued today as he visited Dj Whoo Kid on Shade45. Now, there’s no apparent reason why the 35-year-old budding action star should’ve been on the hip-hop radio station, but the whole Internet is glad he did, as an eager and charming Pratt confessed his love of station patriarch Eminem.

“Me and my friend lived in van in Maui, and we listened to that and smoked weed every day,” Pratt said of Dr. Dre’s 2001 opus “The Chronic,” “and I know every word.”

Then, in an acutely accurate accent, he burned through Em’s signature verse from the middle of “Forgot About Dre.” The look in his eyes is wild, and he jerks around from the waist like he’s wearing a straight jacket. Perhaps Pratt possesses the same genius/madness level as Marshall Mathers, perhaps he smoked up the Milano before coming on, but either way, when compared with Slim’s original, it’s impeccable.

Pratt then went on to (briefly) discuss his upcoming role in “Jurassic World,” before getting into the embarrassing prospect of being punched by Orlando Bloom. Which is cool, or whatever. You can probably just shut off the video after Pratt tears down the studio with his impromptu verse.