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RadioBDC Sports: South Park tackles Deflategate; Patriots tackle Bills
Sports’s Eric Wilbur checked in with his weekly Patriots preview this afternoon. Of course, our conversation started with last night’s South Park season premiere. That led to a deeper discussion of whether or not every team the Patriots beat this season will accuse them of cheating in some way, shape or form. Then, we actually got down to breaking down this weekend’s game in Buffalo and looking at the AFC East in greater depth. More

Meet our new neighbors: Boston Harbor Distillery

Seriously; they’re right down the street. Boston Harbor Distillery CEO Rhonda Kallman was in studio this morning, sampling Putnam New England Rye Whiskey, Seymour’s Coffee Liqueur, and Seymour’s Boston Cream Liqueur, which will all be available in local liquor stores staring on October 1. Rhonda talked about the building’s history and what’s going on at the distillery. More