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Get Out On The Water With Mass Bay Lines This Summer

Ted Regan of the family-owned and operated Mass Bay Lines joined me in studio this morning. This summer, Mass By Lines is celebrating their 50th anniversary by adding a variety of specialty cruises to their well-known Harbor Tours, Sunset Cruises, and Starlight Cruises. Click here to enter to win VIP passes that will get you on to any cruise for free for the entire summer! Click through to listen to my chat with Ted. More

5 Sandwiches That You Need to Try in Boston This Spring

The following piece was co-authored by Jon Mael and Emily Boyd. 

The transition from winter to spring means two things: get ready to see a lot of pale arms and legs for a while, and get ready to discover some great new grub. Now that you can walk two blocks down the street without getting frost bite, why not check out some of the best and most legendary sandwich spots that Boston has to offer?

You can’t go wrong with any dishes at these places, but these are some sandwiches worth grabbing this spring, as they all feature traditional warm weather flavors. More

I Saw ‘Shrek: The Musical’ for Five Straight Days, This Is My Story


“One movie cannot contain him.”
– Roger Ebert, 2001 review of Shrek

As I type this, there are men in America who dress up and perform as Shrek every night for a living.

Soliders fight overseas for these Shreks. These Shreks are taxed by their government accordingly for their Shrek-related activities. These Shreks are our fathers, our brothers, our tour guides at local museums when productions of Shrek aren’t happening. They are us, if we were Shrek.

As I type this, there is also an editor who would allow an adult writer to see Shrek: The Musical five times in a row at Wheelock Family Theatre in a mentally taxing endurance activity we’ll call #shrekweek — an action that makes it hard for me to look in the mirror. That is, until I put on my Shrek ears, which are hilarious.

So how has Shrek, a film intended as a sucker-punch to Disney fairytale juggernauts and loaded with early-aughts topical references, somehow followed us all the way into 2015?

Let’s go on a disturbing journey together. More

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.04.13 PM
The Coffee Buster: Boston’s Caffeine Hero of the Early ’90s

Every city has its characters. People who, by their personality and actions, stand out among the crowds. While some of these characters are known for always being in the same spots, such as Spare Change Guy or the late Mr. Butch, there are those who are known for their effort to put a smile on the faces of those who happen to pass by. In the recent past, Boston has had Keytar Bear, but back in 1993, there was Chris Costonis — the Coffee Buster. More