You’ve pretended to shred gnarly licks to classic rock songs in their games before, now you can have a say in what jams you want to be included in Rock Band 4.

Harmonix, the Cambridge-based developers behind the franchise, have created a song request page where gamers can submit ideas for songs that should be included in the next installment, which will be released sometime later this year.

Want to know what everyone else is requesting? Harmonix has created a database where you can view all of the submissions, so you now have an excuse for making sure that you submit your favorite Phish song more times than that nerd who keeps requesting The Eagles.

To give Rock Band a little taste of Boston, we consulted our pals over at RadioBDC to cook up some Boston-based guitar tracks that should appear in game form. Here is what they came up with:

– Aerosmith – “Mama Kin” – “Tasty licks from Boston’s quintessential classic rock act.”

Boston – “More Than A Feeling” – “I mean, isn’t this one kind of a given?”

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – “Roadrunner” – “This song deserves to be in Rock Band 4 just as much as it deserves to be the state song of Massachusetts.”

O Positive – “Talk About Love” – “That opening riff. Then when the drums kick in? You and your friends would shred this lesser-known local classic.”

Pixies – “Here Comes Your Man” – “A bunch of us here at RadioBDC and BDCwire covered this last year. Trust us: it’s a blast to play.”

Letters To Cleo – “Here And Now” – “Good luck with Kay Hanley’s wicked fast flurry of lyrics during the chorus, kid.”

The Lemonheads – “Mrs. Robinson” – “This would create a true Rock Band 4 ‘Inception’ moment: covering a cover.”

Dropkick Murphys – “Get Up” – “From the Murphy’s first album, so you and your crew can recreate four-piece punk rock chaos.”

Slapshot – “Old Tyme Hardcore” – “What, Dropkicks aren’t hard enough for you? Fine, thrash around to some vintage Boston hardcore courtesy of Slapshot.”

Krill – “Theme From Krill” – “Krill forever. Especially in Rock Band 4.”