A few weeks ago, Ballislife created a game where you could build your all-time NBA starting five with some of the greatest players to ever grace the court. Days later, an Matthew Henderson created an NHL edition. Now, I’ve concocted an all-Red Sox version.

Here’s the concept: you have $30 to build your starting nine. You choose one player at each position, each player has a set dollar value, and you can’t go over the $30 limit.

I included Red Sox players from every era, giving preference to Hall of Famers and Red Sox greats. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of “hey, you left so-and-so off the list” and “who the hell is Lou Criger?” Look, if you don’t know who Lou Criger is, that’s your problem. Do a bit of homework if you need to, pick your starting nine, then share it with us. And be sure to share the list with your friends, too. Here’s a larger version of the roster you can share: