This may not be the most refined album ever featured on Broke Beats, but this column was never about polish.

Hut is a 19-year-old weirdo rapper (fittingly) from Austin, Texas, and “Notes: Impractical Applications” is his irrevocably glitched-out debut LP. The mushmouthed technophile does a lot with computer jazz and ProTools, tip-toeing around funky ’80s melodies with his diamond-tipped tongue.

The parallels that immediately come to mind upon hearing “The Secret Schrebergarten” are Danny Brown and Doseone, though the malfunctioning Sega Genesis production seem more like a Charles Hamilton canvas. There are also very apparent shades of George Watsky, for better or worse. But “Notes: Impractical Applications” navigates these waters with deference, melding them into a tolerably manic 22nd Century looking glass.

Now, Hut is assuredly in need of some maturation before he’s ready to join Doseone and the Fake Four rap giants he’s opening for, the last tracking being an antagonistic example of this. But, if his claim on “Pay No Attention” that this whole project was assembled in six days is true, there’s much promise in Hut.

According to his Facebook, Hut’s aim is to help hip-hop crosspollinate with other genres, and, if he can get some studio time and discipline, that’ll be an easy first hurdle for the young rhymer. And we’re ready for more than notes.