There are a number of ways to celebrate Halloween and one of the lamest is to sit on your duff and watch TV. Unless, of course, those TV shows happen to be illegally loaded onto the internet and happen to revolve rather ludicrously around Halloween. I spent a few hours that I’ll never get back watching some of these classic Halloween specials on YouTube. Here are my reactions (with handy ratings!) to these all-time classics.

1. ALF – “Some Enchanted Evening” (7.2)
Never tell ALF what he cannot do or it will end up coming back to ~haunt~ you. When Willie loses his promotion at work, he angrily tells ALF that he can’t go trick-or-treating. So what does that little alien life form do? He invites Willie’s boss to their Halloween party in order to try to get Willie to “butter him up” and ask for the promotion back. Similar to any classic “ALF” episode, the humor is carried by the classic one-liners of everyone’s favorite alien, at the expense of poor old Willie. Lynn also brings over a boy named Lizard, which in itself is pretty classic.

2. Boy Meets World- “And Then There Was Shawn” (6.0)
“Boy Meets World” had four Halloween specials throughout its epic seven-season run, but by far the most notable was the final one, if only for the Jennifer Love Hewitt cameo. It was right after Cory and Topanga had broken up and for some reason Shawn was taking it the hardest. Eric references “South Park” a bunch in this episode, which is confusing, but he also aggressively makes out with Jennifer Love Hewitt, whose character’s name is Jennifer Love Fefferman, which is the most confusing. It’s solidly entertaining but basically makes no sense.

3. Home Improvement- “The Haunting of Taylor House” (8.1)
This one is a real sleeper pick. Brad, who nobody really liked anyway, dresses up like Raggedy Andy at the request of his girlfriend, who plans to dress as Raggedy Ann. Unfortunately, angry because Brad didn’t pick her for his kickball team, she ends up dressing as a biker chick and going to the Taylors’ Halloween party with Danny, who is played by Rider Strong (yes, Shawn from “Boy Meets World”). It’s hilarious because Brad looks like a dink but the best part is, Tim Allen stays largely out of the picture in this episode, which makes it more bearable.

4. The Cosby Show- “Halloween” (6.8)
This episode is hit-and-miss. The “hit” is that Rudy gets a storyline and it’s young Rudy, so you know it’s good. Even better, Cliff needs to take her and her friends trick-or-treating and little Rudy gets to dress him up. Classic Cosby! The “miss” of the episode is that Vanessa gets a storyline and let’s face it, she was the lamest character on the show. She ends up embarrassing herself in front of everyone at her Halloween party, though. It’s also baffling as to why Cliff has no clue what trick-or-treating is at the beginning of the show.

5. Sabrina the Teenage Witch – “A Halloween Story” (4.0)
The first of six “Sabrina” Halloween specials, “A Halloween Story” is not as good as it should be, seeing as the show is based around witches. Sabrina uses a spell to clone herself (which means we’re left having to deal with two Melissa Joan Harts) because she has to go to a family party, but really wants to go to that ~hunk~ Harvey’s fiesta. There’s a brief time in this episode where Sabrina’s clone wants to go streaking, at which point I almost turned it off, but she ended up remaining clothed. The episode was still pretty disappointing.