Boston doesn’t usually feel so small.

That is, unless you’re a New York transplant and you like to complain a lot, or if you’re watching Boston through the lens of tilt-shift photography. We first saw Boston in this recording style back in 2012 when Berlin-based photographer Joerg Daiber captured Thanksgiving weekend in the hub as part of the “Little Big World” YouTube series (we recently dusted that video off for the 2014 Thanksgiving season). Now, Daiber takes on the Christmas season in Boston using his unique filming style.

Tilt-shift photography is a method that uses selective focus in order to make scenes appear to be “miniature.” In this video, it makes Santa Claus, frog pond skaters, speedo runners, more than one thousand Ferguson protesters, and even an enormous tree look like tiny action figures. 2014 has already been a crazy holiday season, this video only helps to prove it. You can find more of Daiber’s work on his YouTube page.