Chef Michael Schlow owns and operates seven restaurants around the nation (five in New England), but he’s first and foremost a Boston guy. So when Jimmy Fallon invited him on The Tonight Show, he brought a little bit of Boston attitude — and a whole lot of Boston snow — for some ice-cold cocktails.

After tiring of making sno-cones for the kids, Schlow and his brother-in-law decided to whip up some alcoholic snow drinks. They came up with snowy negronis, using equal parts campari, sweet vermouth, and gin, all poured over some delicious (and hopefully purified) Boston snow Schlow gathered in a cooler from the Boston Common.

Fallon seemingly can’t get enough of Boston and its snow, first praising the city for their snow response while poking fun at Washington DC, then devoting a segment to Boston snowbank-jumpers.

Since Schlow is a chef by trade (and no one should drink negronis on an empty stomach), he also made a delicious pasta dish. But when they got to the dessert round, Schlow brought the alcohol back out, pouring an espresso and averna mix over a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough, the second flavor the New England ice cream makers have named after Fallon. Bon appétit!

fallon snow cocktail gif

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