Getting pulled over by the police is rarely good news. But when a Boston police officer recently pulled over a silver Toyota in Brighton, it wasn’t because of any violation — the officer wanted to talk to the man about his license plate.

As the Boston Police Department detailed in a post to their Facebook page, there’s quite a story behind it.

“You know, it’s a funny thing,” the officer said. “Because I had Martin Richard on my mind after reading about the unveiling of his statue at Bridgewater State University. Next thing I know, a car with a license plate that reads ‘PEACE’ pulls out in front of me.”

martin richard peace

peace license plate solo

According to the BPD, the officer quickly pulled out and pulled the car over. But the officer quickly assured the driver, a man in his early sixties, that he had nothing to fear.

“I said to him, ‘Listen, you’re not in trouble, I just wanted to tell you that I love your license plate,'” [the officer said]. Upon hearing the compliment, the operator, a delightful man in his early sixties, grinned appreciatively and said, “Thank you, I love it too.”

The officer then posed the following question, “Why PEACE?” To which, the operator wisely replied, “Why not?”

You can see BPD’s full post below.