Sad news struck the reality TV world last week when it was announced that MTV’s “The Challenge” star Diem Brown had passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Some may remember that her love interest in 2006’s “The Duel” was longtime MTV reality star and Boston native Chris “CT” Tamburello, and the two dated for years after that season aired. The UMass grad has always been an infamous figure in his many appearances on MTV series, but in the years leading up to and in the wake of Brown’s passing, he has shown support and strength. He posted the following photo to his Instagram earlier today, complete with a long, heartfelt message.

Brown’s battle with cancer was well documented throughout her appearances on various seasons of “The Challenge.” The exposure that the show gave to her struggle with the illness, as well as her work outside of the series, made her an advocate for cancer survivors, with Brown herself having gone into remission twice before succumbing to her battle. Additionally, Brown created, an online registry dedicated to enabling those with medical troubles to seek financial help as well as physical and emotional support.

The many seasons of “The Challenge” also documented her relationship with Tamburello, which was at times tumultuous, but ultimately led to the two of them remaining together until her death last week. Throughout Brown’s battle, Tamburello has been a vocal supporter, as evidenced by his encouragement via social media. In mourning, he continues to post in her memory.

CORRECTION: In the original posting, it was reported that Brown had passed of ovarian cancer. Brown had originally battled ovarian cancer, which went into remission twice, but the cancer that returned and caused her death was colon and stomach cancer.