When it comes to weddings, there’s something to be said for understatement. There’s also something to be said for overstatement in the form of a corgi dog for each of your bridesmaids.

At least that’s what one Southie woman believes. In a Craigslist post, the woman says that the corgis would be the icing on the cake of “the most wonderful storybook wedding that Boston has ever seen.” *barf*

craigslist corgi

(Click here for a large version of the photo)

Canine bouquets are a pretty dicey proposition, especially if they produce their own brand of fertilizer mid-ceremony. Also, she requires six more corgis? How many does she already have? Is she planning on adding risers to the chapel to accommodate that many bridesmaids?

Either way, remind us to add “negotiable, also cake” to all future (and current!) job postings at Boston.com. If the future bride is still reading this and isn’t offended by us calling her a bridezilla — you can’t put a price on the wedding of your dreams! — we’d love an invite to that wedding. Dogs in tuxes are hella cute, especially when they’re available as party favors.

yawning bridesmaids puppies

bridesmaids gif 2