A dad took his 9-month-old son for his first surf experience with a GoPro, and it’s as adorable as it is terrifying.

The waves are big. The water is relentless. And the safety concerns surrounding a small child propped on a bodyboard are extremely real. But hey, it’s cute!

Here’s the gnarly baby (and his dad) just waiting for the perfect wave.


Think they found ~it~.


Yup, definitely ~it~.


Wait! No! The baby is regretting everything!


Just kidding. This is awesome again.


Someone get him a Quicksilver sponsorship, please.


And no worries, Jorge Tirado (surf dad) posted the video on his Vimeo account with disclaimer:

I encourage you to Safely bring your kids to the ocean, after all the ocean is the place where it all began.
By far, This is the best sport for you spiritual, mental and physical health.

No babies harmed in the making of this sweet, sweet video.



[h/t FTW]