Bob Odenkirk is getting all the props lately for “Better Call Saul,” the highly-rated, critically-acclaimed prequel series to “Breaking Bad.” And he should get all the props. Because Bob is funny as hell. And he always has been. Case in point: this bunch of Bob’s bits from TEASGJ.

1. E-Z Kreme
Bob Odenkirk is not above smearing his face with puke-green cream and cracking poop jokes to make you laugh.

2. Here She Comes
What could be more nightmarish than Weird Al dancing at a beauty pageant for old ladies in an empty church? Bob Odenkirk providing the soundtrack, that’s what.

3. I Love Movies
Bob screens ‘Crystal Shyps,’ flubs a handshake, awkwardly eats popcorn. Hilarity ensues.

4. Trick My Trick
Mr. Odenkirk performs as The Great Gregory, master magician.

5. Friendship Arbitration
Bob Odenkirk, Friendship Arbitrator.