Jennifer Garner was on The Tonight Show last night to chug green beers and share some stories about her kids with host Jimmy Fallon. She also talked about her husband Ben Affleck’s reaction to the Patriots Super Bowl win — specifically, how he was more excited than when their children were born.

Fallon and Garner started off the segment discussing Affleck’s local roots, a topic that, according to Garner and Fallon, has been criminally under-discussed.

Jimmy Fallon: [New York] is a great city to celebrate [in], but [so is] Boston. I know Ben is from Boston, that’s a great city to celebrate [in] as well.

Jennifer Garner: Yes he is! As a matter of fact, that is a little known fact about Ben. Nobody knows!

JF: Everyone thinks he’s from Canada!

JG: Nobody associates him with Boston at all!

Then they got to the topic of Affleck’s mood after the Patriots beat the Seahawks in February.

“There were tears — seriously, it was like the greatest moment of his life,” Garner said, amid audience laughter. “It actually was, though. I birthed babies for him, and I still have never seen that pure joy.”

Due to “a babysitter situation” as Garner put it, she wasn’t actually with Affleck at the most Boston Super Bowl party of all time that we wrote about back in February along Matt Damon, Bill Simmons, and Dickie Barrett from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. But Garner wasn’t upset, saying “It’s cool, it’s the Super Bowl.” After all, that’s a whole lot of Boston to handle, even for someone married to Ben Affleck.

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