The weather in Boston this winter has been absolutely miserable. With even more snow in the forecast, it’s very easy to feel sad and down as summer seems so far away. Rather than sulking while walking between massive mounds of snow, there are several comedy shows around Boston this month that will hopefully cheer you up. Here are the ones I’m excited for.

Demetri Martin (March 3) 

 Whether you’re a fan of Demetri Martin from his days on The Daily Show or his own Comedy Central show Important Things with Demetri Martin (which definitely deserved more than 2 seasons), you should be excited to see him perform at The Wilbur.

Bob’s Burgers (March 28)

Scroll through Tumblr for about two minutes, and you’re bound to run past a gif of Bob’s Burgers. The cast of the FOX animated show, which truly understands awkward humor, is ending their live tour here in Boston at the Orpheum Theater. You’ll want to catch them live because most of the show’s females characters are actually voiced by men. It’s sure to be a weird, uncomfortable, and hilarious night.

Heather McDonald  (March 19-22)

If you’ve seen an episode of Chelsea Handler’s Chelsea Lately, you’ve probably seen Heather MacDonald get made fun of in some capacity. You won’t want to miss her hilarious stand-up and impressive Drew Barrymore impersonation during her 4-day run at Laugh Boston

Josh Wolf  (March 26-28)

If you’re a big Chelsea Lately fan, you’re in luck because Josh Wolf, another regular from the show, is also performing at Laugh Boston in March. Whether you love him from witty commentary on pop culture or from his time on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, you’ll love him during one of his three days of stand-up.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Battle of the Seasons  (March 3)

If you “accidentally” turn on RuPaul’s Drag Race for even just a few minutes, you’ll instantly be hooked. Almost everything about the show is ridiculous, including the competitions, the judges, and the contestants. But somehow, it’s impossible to look away. If the weather has gotten you down, there couldn’t be a better way to cheer you up than watching a live performance by 15 drag queens at Royale.