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“We try to make it so people aren’t looking at us when we perform–they should be focusing on dancing and letting loose,” states Dave Martineau of Bearstronaut. “We want the crowd to see that we have fun onstage so they know it’s OK to do the same.”  The multifaceted artist behind the playful Boston-based quartet comes off as eager for the release of Bearstronaut’s first full length, but unsure of when it will actually happen. “All we’ve done so far are EPs and some of the stuff we’ve already put out will be on the record. We don’t know the official release date yet, since we’re not on a label or anything. But it’ll be early 2015 at the absolute latest.”

Martineau didn’t divulge what direction their debut album will venture into, but Bearstronaut has mastered a sound over the years that listeners have come to expect. Their method of fusing sophisticated incursions of rhythm and repetition with percolating disco decorum is their signature, but Martineau hinted at a change in the band’s creative process that will impact their music as a whole. “I tend to write most of the lyrics, but on this record, everybody is bringing as much as they can to the table. And with other people collaborating, it just puts new life into writing.” The boys also plan on stepping outside their comfort zone. “With a lot of the new stuff, we’re pushing people’s expectations of us by pushing what we’ve already done. We added darker elements to some songs–we just want to see what we’re capable of at this point.”

Despite playing an array of impressive local venues (including last September’s Boston Calling), Martineau remains humble about Bearstronaut’s collective journey. “We are so appreciative of friends and family who’ve supported us from the beginning and have been to every tiny show we’ve done. We are also grateful to the people who take chances to see us without knowing who we are.” He views this Friday’s gig at the Great Scott as an opportunity to gain even more listeners. “People often come to our shows with no intentions of seeing a band like us. We just make it work to our advantage.”

 Bearstronaut plays Great Scott this Friday, August 1 with !!! (9 p.m., $18, 21+)