Jason Silva, host of National Geographic Channel’s “Brain Games,” uploaded this video of the moment he explained to a baby how life comes into existence.

“Somehow, like, literally, like a piece of software melded together — fused — and then it, like, started to turn itself into, like, a living, breathing, you know, like, a steak with a brain,” Silva says to the awestruck baby. “You’re meat, and you grew up inside your mother. You’re like a wetware android.”

The baby was amazed. (Or maybe she needed to use the bathroom.)

“And now you’re grasping all of this amazing information as you map and model the world, you’re growing you’re learning, you’re expanding, you’re slowly emerging as a thinking being. It’s like, oh my God, this is what it’s like to be a mind. You’re transcendent! You’re transcendent.”

The baby was learning about life as we looked on, yes.

But I’m pretty Silva was learning about babies as we looked on, too.

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