Earlier today, the official Avengers twitter account assigned one mission to Marvelites everywhere: tweet out #AvengersAssemble to unveil a new trailer.

To no one’s surprise, a brigade of Marvel fans complied and together they succeeded. Say what you will about the franchise’s strategy to hype up the film, but the new footage was definitely worth it.

The wait for the A-squad’s return, along with some new additions, is slightly agonizing, and it certainly does not make it any easier when you see a kick-ass scene like this.


Or when you see The Hulk in full-on rage mode.


While the new trailer contains clips we’ve already seen, it is also the most comprehensive one yet. Some may argue that any interesting and exciting elements of the movie will already be seen prior to the film’s release, but let’s face it, we’re all still going to go watch it. After all, it is The Avengers, and Marvel will likely have us riding an action-packed, thrilling roller-coaster with one of this year’s most highly anticipated blockbusters.

Be ready to reassemble on May 1.