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Raised in the wilds of the Harold Parker State Forrest and living in gentrification giant that is Somerville, Samantha has been seen in Cosmopolitan in the UK, Huffington Post,, Deadspin, and Yahoo's Puck Daddy. When not torturing and butchering the English language, she can be found around town enjoying the comedy & music scenes and channeling her inner Anna Wintour and judging silently.

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With ‘Top Chef’ in Boston, 5 More Reality Shows We’d Like to See in the Hub

Alert the media and sound the alarms – Bravo has finally deemed us ‘camera ready’ with “Top Chef” currently filming its next season in Boston. Let’s be honest, Boston hasn’t had the best record when it comes to reality shows. For every “Boston’s Finest,” there’s been a “Southie Rules” & “Wicked Single” to give us and the rest of the country the douche chills. But with “Top Chef” coming to town, they’ll get to introduce the world to the culinary dynamos that reside and work in and around the area.

With reality TV making it’s resurgence in the Bay State, here’s a five shows we’d like to see spend a season or two in Boston. More

Fat Shaming Is a Major Problem, but Heavyweight Comedy Is Just as Bad

I have a hard time with the whole fat acceptance thing, which is weird considering I use to weigh 448 lbs. (was a size 32 and I’m now a size 10, thank you very much!). If anyone should have an understanding of the fat person’s plight – it should be me. But after seeing the way fat people have been represented lately, I have a hard time getting behind the cause. More