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Jon Mael is a student at UMass Boston, right across the street from BDCWire world headquarters. He loves sandwiches, the Red Sox, and weird roadside museums, but he hates Sea World. In addition to BDCWire, you can find his stuff in the food and travel sections of the The Boston Globe and BDC's sports section.

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5 Sandwiches That You Need to Try in Boston This Spring

The following piece was co-authored by Jon Mael and Emily Boyd. 

The transition from winter to spring means two things: get ready to see a lot of pale arms and legs for a while, and get ready to discover some great new grub. Now that you can walk two blocks down the street without getting frost bite, why not check out some of the best and most legendary sandwich spots that Boston has to offer?

You can’t go wrong with any dishes at these places, but these are some sandwiches worth grabbing this spring, as they all feature traditional warm weather flavors. More