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John Wiley is of no relation to the preeminent textbook publisher of the same name, although he sincerely regrets it. He is a student at Boston College's Carroll School of Management, and the Arts & Review Editor of The Heights, the university's independent newspaper. Although his background is in music, he'll write about whatever he can get away with at this point.

Stories by John Wiley

Awake Boston: Getting Down at Boston’s First Sober Morning Rave

It’s a little before 6 a.m., and the morning rush is just picking up in Boston’s financial district. A parade of business attire stretches down Hamilton Street, while in Prime Nightclub, a crowd is collecting. The city’s first sober morning rave was hosted on the upper floors of restaurant Umbria Prime Thursday morning. Featuring dance, Acroyoga, kickboxing, and kale smoothies, Awake Boston offered a less-than-expected start to the workday. More

Cambridge Startup Aims to Revolutionize the Bike with Copenhagen Wheel

Within the first twenty feet, Andrew Schmidt was sold on it. Prior to his first visit to Superpedestrian’s office in Cambridge, Schmidt knew enough about the Copenhagen Wheel to see the potential. He had been introduced to the electric bike startup by a friend. The Superpedestrian team was looking for someone to do the sort of marketing work Schmidt was currently doing for Puma. But up until that ride, there understandably was some uncertainty. More