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J. M. Lindsay is a writer who lives in the Boston Area.

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Sorry Easter, History Shows Us That Rabbits Are Jerks

Easter is a weird holiday. Ostensibly, it is an old pagan fertility ritual that celebrates the resurrection of the lord and savior of a plurality of the word’s population. Does that seem too complicated to explain to kids? Just tell them that they’ll get candy (mostly egg-shaped candy) delivered by a giant, egg-laying mammal. A platypus? No, that’s a mammal that actually does lay eggs. Tell them it’s a bunny. The Easter Bunny. Kids will believe anything. 

But eventually, they wise up. They ask questions about our non-federal holiday – one that makes a lot less sense than a “birthday” celebration replacing a good old-fashioned orgy – and that’s when you have to tell them the even harsher truth: rabbits are jerks. More

Welcome Freshmen: 7 Best College Films Based in Boston

It’s that time of year again. The students are back in Boston. EDM shows are selling out again. Out-of-state ID’s are getting a little more scrutiny. Every print outlet in the city is churning out some kind of ‘back to school’ piece with a snarky twist. Boston is Boston again. And what better way for both students and census-counted residents alike to celebrate than by watching movies in the privacy of our homes and dorm rooms? More

Should I Leave the House Today? 5 Reasons to Go to the Movies Before Summer Ends

Traditionally, the end of the summer isn’t the most exciting time to go the movies. The big-budget blockbusters have already come out, and the early fall Oscar bait is still weeks away. Plus, you live in Boston. It’s still nice out (and won’t be for long), you might be moving or helping someone move this week, and of course, there’s Netflix. So why go to the movies this week? Here are a couple scenarios in which you could reasonably find yourself that you can remedy with a quick trip to your local theater: More