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Jesse Singal is the Globe's video game columnist and a contributing writer at The Daily Beast. He's currently lives in Berlin, where he's doing a Bosch Fellowship.

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On new album, transgender Against Me! singer finally reveals true self

Especially in its earlier days, there was something aggressively masculine about the punk band Against Me! Yes, the group preached inclusive, radical politics. Still, Tom Gabel’s screaming, jagged vocals delivering searing lines like, “Can anyone tell me why God won’t speak to me?/Why Jesus never called on me to part the fucking seas?,” called to mind the bloodied revolutionary, the punk prophet growling his heart out at underground shows in basements (which was, of course, exactly how the band built a following in the late ’90s and early 2000s). Our culture informs us from a young age that these figures (typically) are men.

That’s one of the reasons it was such a big deal when Gabel announced via a 2012 Rolling Stone feature that he would start identifying as Laura Jane Grace, that hormone therapy and electrolysis treatment would pave the way for eventual surgical transition to female. More

Watching Patriots/Broncos? 3 things NOT to think about

Here we go again. Sunday afternoon. Brady. Manning. Does anyone think this one isn’t going down to the wire? It has a different feel from other years, though. There’s less of a sense that the Patriots should win, more uncertainty about the team’s roster given the brutal drubbing it has taken at the hands of the injury gods. There’s always the temptation to be a homer, to insist, despite the dictates of reason, that the Pats should beat the Broncos or even that they are destined to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. I say be realistic: Don’t fight back against reality. Embrace it. Treat this as just one game. Enjoy the Pats and their underdog role and the ridiculous band of patched-together misfits that has come farther than they have any right to.

To promote this mindset, here are three things you shouldn’t think about while nailbiting your way through Sunday’s matchup of AFC powerhouses.