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Ian Doreian takes photographs, writes reviews, and is quixotically attempting to interview every living member of the Wu Tang Clan. In real life, he is an English teacher and soccer coach.

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My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden, Embracing the Dance and Painting With Blue

On “Pressure,” a bombastic track that pairs a Detroit marching band with orchestral trills, Shara Worden sings that one billion years pressing down forms a diamond. Yet, she notes that, “Dancing on top, the glitter glows/The pressure slows.” The image sums up Shara’s new album as My Brightest Diamond, “This is My Hand.” The record is a change from her earlier baroque rock; it’s a two-step into the club. Ahead of a show at The Sinclair on Monday, September 22, Shara offered this unbarred annotation of her new music and the importance of dance. More