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Hannah Cohen is a photographer based in Boston, who loves to bring out the extraordinary qualities in seemingly ordinary things. She has her own online portfolio ( and is always looking for new things to shoot.

Stories by Hannah Cohen

Unsung Heroes: ‘Cheap Seats’ Curator Erich Haygun

Once in a while, if you’re lucky enough, you stumble across a person who seems to do just about everything. And with gusto – mind you. Passion, energy, and motivation can go an incredibly long way when it comes to making exciting things happen within a community. Erich Haygun can often be spotted around Jamaica Plain, walking his adorable dog Nini (whom he compares to the ghost in Pacman) or helping mentor youth in the poetry slam community, volunteering for BARCC (Boston Area Rape Crisis Center) or working audio and visuals for events and non-profits all throughout New England. Erich recently launched the 17th installment of Cheap Seats on May 12.  More

metivier 8
Know Your Neighbors: Centre St. in Jamaica Plain Pt. I – Lindsay Metivier

In every major city, it can become all too easy to get lost in the shuffle, unless of course you go the extra mile to get to know your neighbors. For our new week-long series, “Know Your Neighbors,” we’d like to introduce several people in each major borough of Boston that are working to help create strong communities. Some of these strangers are up to radical work in the non-profit, arts, and music world as well as just being wonderful human beings. By looking around, asking questions, and working to get to know the people we pass by each day, Boston will hopefully begin to feel stronger and more connected. More