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Gaal Levine is a native Bostonian and full-time Footwear Designer. When she's not struggling to predict next season's color trends, she enjoys the great outdoors, the Mountain Goats, people watching, and Irish coffee.

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Social planning
Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.06.08 AM
A Boston Guide to Buying Gifts for a New Significant Other
Social planning

Not to freak anyone out, but it’s halfway through December, and it’s time to actually start thinking about gifts for the holidays. Some people have a long-term significant other to worry about buying just the right gift for, and while that does have its stresses, it’s not nearly as awkward as trying to figure out what to get someone you just starting seeing. You have to get them SOMETHING – and this guide will help make the process less painful. More

Tall Girls
One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Navigating Boston Fashion for Women Tall and Small

For some ladies out there, shopping is something that is only fun in theory.

As a 5’5” girl, shopping in Boston has been pretty easy. I take an average shoe size and don’t usually find that dresses run too long or too short for my height. While the search for perfect-fitting jeans haunts us all—if you don’t fall into the average height category, finding the right clothing is much harder and can make shopping a stressful and disappointing endeavor. More