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Emily Wright is an arts and entertainment writer for When she isn't experimenting with fun foods in the kitchen, you can find her at the gym or on the beaches of her native Cape Cod.

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Make your Super Bowl party spread slightly more healthy

The Patriots aren’t in the Super Bowl (earmuffs) but that doesn’t mean you can’t host a party and root against the Broncos. We’ve come up with a list of ways for you to clean up some of the most classic football snacks (chips, dips, and chicken wings), and to top it off, we’ve got a trio of tips to help you host a healthier bash without scaring away your guests. More

Social planning
How to get a New Year’s Eve buzz but keep the calories down
Social planning

Typically when indulging in an adult beverage, you take in lots of calories in the form of simple syrups, sodas, and sweet juices. The same goes for the cheese and cracker platters, breads, and rich spreads that you’ll find at New Year’s Eve parties across the Hub. But if you do some research, there are ways to cut back on the numbers. Because we’re nice, we’ve done the research for you. From the champagne toast at midnight to a bubbly Cape Codder, we’ve got you covered. More