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Emily Hopkins is a managing editor at Scout Magazines and a columnist for DigBoston. Her work has also appeared in The Media and on

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Femsex Boston Seeks Diversity, Talks About the Tough Stuff

“It was amazing. It changed my life,” says Femsex Boston founder Hang Nguyen of her first experience with the peer-facilitated sex and sexuality workshop. She was living in Washington, D.C. at the time, where their chapter is called Femex. She’d studied sciences and gone into tech after graduating from Brown University. She was on the med school track. After the workshop, she quit her job, went abroad for a few months, and then settled in Boston to start her own version of Femsex. More

World Cup of Books Lets International Novels Face Off

I have weird feelings about the World Cup. There’s a lot of violence that goes into putting on a game like that, and it makes me uneasy and at times enraged. But when I see the games themselves, but there is something about watching the games themselves, something about watching people who are so skilled at what they do, that I sometimes can’t avoid getting swept up into.


Stylus: local duo explores the sounds of sound

Two young men ask a single question: What is silence?

Then: the sound of the needle on a record. The voice of Christopher Ricks, music historian. He catalogues, quoting novelist and anarchist philosopher Paul Goodman, the different kinds of silence. In the next hour, listeners will explore a man’s search for a silence that doesn’t exist even in the quietest place on earth, the spiritual silence experienced by a Trappist monk, the importance of the silences between the music, and ore. More