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Carli Velocci is a Boston-based freelance writer. You can see her work in DigBoston, Paste Magazine, Kill Screen, and anywhere else that would be dumb enough to publish her.

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Alternicon: From Podcasts to BDSM Fiction, a Celebration of Self-Publishing

Alternicon is all about independents. In an online community saturated by artists looking for recognition and success, it can be difficult to feel noticed. There are webcomics like Homestuck and podcasts like “Welcome to Night Vale” that have become pinnacles of fandom and popularity–in fact, most of the people who attended Alternicon are in a costume from one of these properties–but there are plenty of creators searching for an audience. The convention, which took place at the Midtown Hotel over the weekend, attracted small business owners, authors, writers, and fans to a compact but lively space that all sought entertainment. More