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Keep Rondo: 5 reasons why trading him now would be a huge Celtics mistake

With just one day remaining before the trade deadline, rumors are running rampant. Boston’s newest captain, Rajon Rondo, has surfaced as a player Danny Ainge is considering dealing, if the price is right. The Sacramento Kings and Toronto Raptors have reportedly already made plays for the point guard, though as of this point, nothing further has come of those talks.

It’s completely understandable why Rondo’s name would be heard on the trade market right now. The Celtics have the 27-year-old signed through the end of the 2014-15 season, after which he will command a long-term deal with a significant raise to his current $12 million salary. Ainge surely wants Rondo to be a part of the team’s future, but he will have to think hard about just how much he is willing to pay to keep the longest tenured Celtic in green.

Despite that looming decision on Rondo’s worth for the franchise in the coming months, there are several compelling reasons to stand pat and keep Rondo in a Celtics uniform, at least through the remainder of this season.

5 reasons Celtics made right decision by trading KG/Pierce

The homecoming is upon us. Sunday night marks the return of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Boston for the first time since being traded away by the Celtics last June. With a rebuilding Celtics squad having lost 15 of its last 18 games, Celtics fans don’t have much to look forward to, beyond the 2014 NBA Draft. Due to this, Brooklyn’s visit Sunday night marks what should be the most anticipated game at the TD Garden this season.

As we look ahead to what will be an emotional reunion, some fans may have second thoughts about whether Boston made the right move to send their beloved stars packing before the season started, instead of letting them finish their career in green. Rest assured though, the timing was right. Here are five reasons Celtics fans should be grateful that Danny Ainge made the decision to deal away Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce before this season began. More