Years after everbody was taking “fhqwhgads” to the limit, it seemed as though our beloved “Homestar Runner” cartoons were lost and gone forever. Now, after almost five years since anything new on the “Homestar Runner” front has hit the Internet (save for anĀ April Fool’s teaser earlier this year), grouchy rapper and email answerer Strong Bad has a new tune, “Fish Eye Lens” uploaded to YouTube.

Anyone who was of middle school age, or anyone with a relatively dumb sense of humor for that matter, who had a working knowledge of the Internet in the early ’00s likely had a friend, or was that friend, who was obsessed with “Homestar Runner.” The animated online series, with such characters as the aforementioned Strong Bad, the Teen Girl Squad, Marzipan, The Cheat, and title character Homestar Runner, provided endless laughs via flash cartoons that our parents’ generation never understood. This past summer, creator Matt Chapman said that he had planned to bring the series back. Hopefully “Fish Eye Lens,” which features the beloved Homestar Runner as well, is the first of many videos to come.

This Friday just got so much better.