Palehound’s Ellen Kempner enjoys Halloween as much as the next 19-year-old, but this year might be a bit different. Kempner is likely still riding the high of her debut “Bent Nail EP,” which was released last Tuesday on the very buzzy Exploding in Sound Records. Despite her age, the Yonkers-based songwriter has been performing for almost a decade and it shows in her penchant for ’90s post-grunge songcraft. Thought-provoking lyricism that borders on the wacky complements her coy, yet nonchalant vocals, making for a first impression with her EP that is sure to resonate.

This week, Kempner has crafted a special midweek playlist for BDCwire that she calls “gHoSt sToRiEs,” and you guessed it, all of the songs are kind of about ghosts. If you think Kempner might have missed a few, feel free to add your own in the comments section.

1. J Dilla – “One For Ghost”

2. The Unicorns – “Sea Ghost”

3. Mary Timony – “Look A Ghost In The Eye”

4. Space Ghost Cowboys- “Graveyard Bed”

5. Menomena – “Ghostship”

6. Radiohead – “Give Up The Ghost”

7. Chavez – “Ghost By The Sea”

8. Pile – “Raised By Ghosts”

9. The Gun Club – “Ghost on the Highway”

10. Sufjan Stevens – “Enchanting Ghost”