So this feels weird.

As of last Thursday, April 17, Garage Boston is now officially open for business. The club was initially called Garage Lounge and opened briefly in late 2012 on Linden Street in Allston as a “private supper club.” But after concerns from neighboring businesses, the spot seemed to go quiet for more than a year. Now, with it’s re-opening and name change, the nightclub is back in full force, and doesn’t appear to have changed its character.

Upon viewing the establishment’s promo video (which auto-plays when you visit Garage Boston’s website, and clocks in a at over two and a half minutes), the club features go-go cage dancers, top-shelf booze, and beautiful smiling people taking cell phone pics. No crustpunks, no 40’s of Old English, no graffiti in the bathrooms.

Let me rephrase that, just for good measure. The same street on which you can haggle for bags of chips at the Linden Superette, the same street that houses the business of infamous slumlord Anwar Faisal, THE SAME BUILDING THAT HAS A GODDAMN PRE-SCHOOL, now is home to a high-end nightclub with a full food and cocktail menu, valet parking, and a “highly selective door” (according to an old Facebook post).

It may not sound like a perfect fit for the unkempt streets of Allston, but the BU bros on Gardener, Ashford, and Pratt Street are likely pretty “stoked” about it. Nothing like going to Pizzeria Regina for dollar slices and then heading over to Garage Boston for a nightcap and a cage dance, right? The club’s slogan, according to their website, is “Luxury Cars, Beautiful People, Unique Ambience.” Sounds pretty damn Allston to me.

Garage Boston is now open to the public, and according to an article on Eater Boston, its business hours are Tuesday-Thursday from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. and from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.