Have you ever thought, “Hey, I’m going to get raped tonight, so I should wear special underwear designed to prevent that from happening?” Probably not, because that is a ridiculous statement. For some reason, AR Wear thinks that women believe this, so they have created an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to create “anti-rape” underwear. Our society’s rape culture has gotten to an extreme where we feel the need to have AR Wear just to prevent it. This needs to stop.

This Slate piece hits the nail pretty hard on the head with a sense of humor, but there’s more to it. AR Wear makes women believe that they have to live in a constant state of fear. We can’t go out alone, go on a date, or travel by ourselves without feeling afraid, as the Indiegogo campaign video implies. I’ve traveled out of the country (Canada counts, yes) alone and I’ve never once needed a girly chastity-belt-underwear-contraption to keep my lady parts tucked in safely.

Instead, why don’t the founders of AR Wear use their mission to make a woman’s world a safer place by targeting the source? Not all men are rapists, and heck, it’s not even just men. Women can very well be the perpetrator of rape, too. They seem to touch the subject in their campaign notes when they say, “The only one responsible for a rape is the rapist and AR Wear will not solve the fundamental problem that rape exists in our world.” Let’s start with education. Let’s find the root to the rape culture problem in our society and work on fixing it from the bottom up, not top down with AR Wear. If we teach women to live in fear and lock their vaginas up, we’re not helping anyone.