Remember that time called college when you routinely found yourself in multiple-hour wormhole marathons of Anthony Bourdain’s Travel Channel show “No Reservations”? You may not have the same kind of free time these days, but Bourdain’s rambling ways have continued on a relatively new show called “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown.”

Now, the popular chef, author, and television personality will take his show to our fine Commonwealth for a Massachusetts edition of “Parts Unknown,” to air this Sunday night, Nov. 9, at 9 p.m. on CNN. In the episode, Bourdain will stay away from Uzbeki deep tissue massages and caves littered in bat droppings, and instead will go back to his roots, addressing how he got his start in the culinary business working in Provincetown seafood restaurants during his summers as a student at Vassar College.

The trailer for the episode has been released and seems to tackle topics as lighthearted as Bourdain losing his virginity on a Cape Cod beach to heavier moments, such as a visit to a Greenfield-based volunteer organization called The Recover Project that assists recovering addicts and alcoholics. Hear Bourdain recount his own struggles and his own joys of discovering his craft in the Bay State, this Sunday night at 9 p.m.