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Who: Thick Wild

A little bit of background: “So, Thick Wild has been myself with a rotating band of thick bearded talents,” says Amelia Bradley. You may recognize the powerhouse songwriter from her past projects Mr. Sister and The Red Heroine. The current moniker comes from a tune she wrote “Bible Hands” and connotes the same “earthy yet sensual” vibe as Thick Wild’s sound does. Bradley is the primary songwriter but she lets them evolve naturally with the souls she has standing alongside her. Currently those accents come from various members of other local acts like Tallahassee, Fort Gainesville, and Hallelujah the Hills.

In 2012, Thick Wild released a debut record “O Sinister Force” and Bradley has been itching to get back into the studio ever since. “I am excited to get into the studio, maybe do something more stripped down,” Bradley says. “I like recording by myself, playing all the instruments…but [I’d rather be in the] studio with my talented loved ones.” After a brief jaunt over in Brooklyn, Bradley is back in her hometown of Boston and we couldn’t be happier to have her. Her bread and butter is the banjo. Bradley told ftwelve music, “I like the way it sounds with my voice, it has a more metallic ring to it even when it’s plugged into the amp. I feel like I have a sharp brassiness to my voice that blends well with it.”

Sounds kinda like: folky Americana goodness

Why you should care: There’s nothing quite like discovering the remarkable hidden talents in the everyday.I had met Bradley months before I ever heard Thick Wild or her formidable voice. Akin to folks like Aly Spaltro and Shara Worden (who just shook up The Sinclair earlier this week), Bradley’s voice is easily expands three times her size. She exhibits a dynamic range and has truly mastered her inner instrument. Though she typically plays with a band, nothing is better than her signature a cappella track “The Pest.”

Fun fact: Bradley keeps a semi-regular Tumblr page with snippets of demos and other random recordings that have been collecting over time, go ahead, get lost in this eerie wormhole.

Press play: Don’t believe me about that voice? Here’s a snippet of Thick Wild doing their thing over at Great Scott…



Like what you hear? Few things are more beautiful that a perfectly poised lineup. Catch Thick Wild opening for the enigmatic Diane Cluck tonight at The Loft in Somerville.

Diane Cluck
w/Passerine, Thick Wild
Wednesday, September 23
The Loft 438 Somerville Ave. #4, Somerville, MA
8:00 P.M – 21+ – $5-10 sliding donation

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