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Who:Palm Spring Life

A little bit of background: Palm Spring Life is a three-piece out of Allston that steers left field of what the neighborhood’s bandcamp hashtag is used to these days. Breaking up some of the rougher edges of the Rye Pines, Nice Guys, and Sneezes of the current Allston scene comes Palm Spring Life. Fronted by Ted Chafizadeh (guitar, vocals), he’s joined by Marc Finn (drums) and James Steinberg (bass). Earlier this year the band released its first single, “Sea Monkeys,” a track whose riffs are drenched in reverb and topped off with Charfizadeh’s Young The Giant-esque vocals. Halfway through the track it shifts into a dizzying loop of a bridge reminiscent of locals Kid Mountain.

Throughout its infancy, Palm Spring Life has circulated neighborhood basements, WTBU showcases, and shared stages with local faves like Lady Bones and Vundabar. The band’s sound is a blend of nu-gaze, surf, and psych rock. With limited tracks available for listening online, Palm Spring Life has been hooking listeners left and right with its live shows – and you’re next.

Sounds kinda like: underwater indie rock

Why you should care: First of all, Palm Spring Life has “never been hit with tomatoes.” So they are off to a strong start. This group only has one song up on its bandcamp, and is headlining Great Scott. Connect those dots. There is something good brewing here.

Fun fact: The band claims to have formed “Spontaneously, the band assembled from sawdust and banana peels as did much of the universe.”

Press play: Check out the band’s first single, “Sea Monkeys” from its upcoming debut “SWIMSWIMSWIMS”:

Like what you hear? See what all the fuss is about TONIGHT as the trio headlines our beloved Great Scott.

Palm Spring Life
w/Lady Bones, Speed Trials, Charlie
Wednesday, August 27
Great Scott
1222 Comm Ave, Allston, MA
9:00 p.m. – 18+ – $8

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