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Who: Kid Mountain

A little bit of background:

“The genesis of Kid Mountain is not mutually agreed upon…” Tyler Rosenholm says. Some members contest that the band first began at a holiday party back in 2008. Others (cousins Tim Patterson and Tyler Chauncey), however, say it all began when Patterson and Chauncey first started making “poetic and surprisingly depressing” music in high school. Meanwhile, Magical Music Band, a project by Derek Goulet and Cole Wuilleumier that was “more about Cole’s afro than the music itself…which sort of [prompted] the ideological underpinning of Kid Mountain.”

While that is all good and well, what I can tell you is that the current incarnation of Kid Mountain began in 2012 with the release of an EP, “Visitor’s Center,” which was quickly followed by the release of their full length “Happies.” Its cast of clowns all tinkered with music throughout their young teen years in projects like the aforementioned Magical Music Band (self-explanatory) and Dirty Feet (Southern folk rock). None of the gang grew up in Boston but started gigging around Boston when Wuilleumier enrolled in MassArt. Kid Mountain started frequenting basements both in JP and Allston and have been spreading ever since.

It’s been two years since “Happies,” so what’s next?

“We want to be everything that people said we were…we love the thing that we do,” Rosenholm says. The band played a show last year where they were told to “be themselves” and that got them thinking that they didn’t know who they wanted to be. Since then, they’ve been hard at work on new material as a remedy. Rosenholm says, “We can’t wait to release the new stuff…the problem [is] that it’s different and sometimes different feels uncomfortable…we are definitely on our way.”

Sounds kinda like: the crossroads of psych, folk, and pop

Why you should care:

“Happies” is a quirky collection of playful and genre-bending melodies. I challenge you go to a Kid Mountain show and not smile like a goober for the duration of the set. While they are still spreading best by word of mouth, once they make it to a pair of fresh ears – it’s an easy sell. Kid Mountain is light, bright, and completely talented. Every falsetto harmony, xylophone breakdown, and poignant lyric is perfectly placed. Whatever Kid Mountain is, it’s working.

Fun fact: There is not one, but TWO band members named Tyler. They differentiate the two with the following nicknames: “rational Tyler” and “irrational Tyler”.

Press play: Get a taste with their single “Kinda Strange”:



Like what you hear? There’s “No Place” to spend Friday night that’s better than with these “Happy Lappies.”

Kid Mountain
w/ Bellwire, The Flashing Thoughts, Video Teeth
Friday, October 17
3 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA
8:00 p.m. – 21+ – $8

Kid Mountain Madlib